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I will be making a big blog soon addressing some important things for the server, and what has been planned and what will be finished in soon!

*MDU Update* Hunger Games!

dboyonfire aOwner posted Jan 3, 14
Hello people! Today im just gonna talk about something that i added too mdu.

In the past i closed down hg on MDU due to it lagging badly but I finally fixed it now its back!

Atm theres only 1 map but another 4 more maps will be released :)

MDU NEWS! Fire work shop!

dboyonfire aOwner posted Dec 8, 13
Hello people as you may know i opened up a Fire work shop for MDU.

You can get to it with the warp /warp firework.

Btw i will be hiring more people soon!

Have fun

-Dboy :)
One of the first servers up live with 1.5 bukkit!!!
No new items work with the server yet, but the official bukkit will come out real soon, and it all should work!!! =)
P.S New things at spawn, plus something special for the old fans, just to celebrate the 1.5 update =p
lavathehero I feel your pain ...
soccergamer10101 I would like the sever to be on!! I know we should be patient but really there has been no update on where it will be up ...
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